Another eye

Another eye
Un autre oeil
13 Oct.
12 Jan.

Another Eye

From Apollinaire to the present

20th-century painting is fast becoming a “historical” period, but one of its strangest aspects has never really been addressed — namely, how and why, throughout the century, seemingly incompatible artistic movements managed to coexist during the same time frame. Fauvism exalted colour, while Cubism favoured monochromatic shades; Neoplasticism championed rigorism, while Surrealism breathed liberty.

During the second half of the 20th century, these contradictory approaches became increasingly marked — while a new generation of painters was exploring abstraction, some of the leading artists of the time (from Hélion to Dubuffet, Chaissac to Erró, etc.) were, by way of contrast, revisiting the image of the human figure. Similarly, a decade later, Nouveau Réalisme (New Realism) emerged to counterbalance minimalist painting.

The exhibition therefore aims to demonstrate that, far from being as opposed as they may appear at first sight, these different approaches have a common ground in that they are all seeking — albeit in different ways — to build on the findings of those who went before them. This different perspective on the history of pictorial movements is also an opportunity for the public to revisit a century’s worth of painting from a new angle and thus to kindle a new level of interest.


Research curator: Daniel Abadie


Exhibition held in association with the LAAC (Lieu d'Art et d’Action Contemporaine) contemporary art museum in Dunkirk and the Musée de l’Hospice Saint-Roch in Issoudun