Contemporary art


Totems of Subjectivity

15 September 2018 — 1 September 2019

The Musée de l’Abbaye Sainte-Croix (MASC) is a pioneer in France in the sense that it has, from the outset, championed contemporary creation. The highlights of its collection, focused towards painting and committed to the art of its time, today testify to its past endeavours. They have undoubtedly gone towards shaping its fine reputation, alongside the museum’s two leading figures, Gaston Chaissac and Victor Brauner.

The new exhibition format was inspired by the title of a 1948 work by Victor Brauner, Totem de la subjectivité blessée I (Totem of Wounded Subjectivity I), and aptly reflects two of the museum’s iconic sets of work, Brauner’s Onomatomanies (Onomatomania) and Gaston Chaissac’s totems.

Freely revisiting nearly a century of creation, from Max Beckmann’s 1927 expressionist work Landscape with Woodcutters, through to the very latest acquisition, a triptych executed by David B. in 2016 in homage of André Breton, the new format sets the artist’s subjectivity against a few animal, anthropomorphic or enigmatic figures that take on a totemic appearance or are evocative of subjectivity in distress.

With works by Georg Baselitz, Herbert Brandl, Victor Brauner, Gilles Barbier, Henri Bassmadjian, Max Beckmann, Rémi Blanchard, Philippe Cognée, David B., Olivier Debré, François Dilasser, Jean Dubuffet, Richard Fauguet, Philip Guston, Jean Hélion, Anton Henning, Michel Herz, Philippe Hortala, Hippolyte Hentgen, François Lunven, Élie-Séraphin Mangaud, Genêt Mayor, Marlène Mocquet, Florian and Michael Quistrebert, Ernesto Sartori, Daniel Schlier, Antonio Virduzzo, Franz West.